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4 Tips to Offer Online Exams

Ann Gardner

11:27, 30/06/2022



Rethinking the Exam Structure


Day said that the online exam switch from paper to electronic exams gives instructors an opportunity to reexamine their exams. "


UNE administrators may eliminate an exam period. It was initially created to facilitate logistical tasks. "


Day suggests that you can also include elements of video or website exploration into your exam. This will open up the possibility of students providing answers and allowing you to ask more questions.


Prioritize Student Convenience


Many instructors attempt to replicate a lecture hall exam using online exams. They advise asking questions that require deeper understanding. Even if an instructor has given advance questions, it doesn't matter if the student has not taken the exam yet.


Students can take asynchronous exams to help them manage their time.


UNE students have taken their exams from bed during illness, while on vacation, on cruise ships, or on military deployment. Day said that he didn't know why but that it worked for him.


Students Remind: Online Cheating is Sometimes Less Successful


Cheating is a problem where there are exams. "


UNE partners with ProctorU to schedule its exams. Students have the option of scheduling exams 24 hours a days with a live proctor. The proctor will confirm the student's identity, and then watch the student using AI technology. This AI technology flags unusual behavior, such as eye movements or typing speed variations, to the proctor.


Day believes this method is more effective in preventing cheating than in-person centers. "


There is still a human involved


Privacy is a common concern with online exams. '"


The university is sensitive to students' concerns and offers an alternative exam. Currently, about 5 percent have chosen this exam.


Another concern is that AI, or a proctor from another company, will decide cheating cases. "


The logs and recordings are useful for both the university and the student. The student and the institution don't have to go through lengthy proceedings. "


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