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Heng added that Diablo Immortal's progression and build choices


01:28, 06/03/2023



"From our perspective, the populace was most unsatisfied about their expectations about how Diablo Immortal was presented as an ARPG game Diablo 2 Resurrected Items, but was released as the ARPG MMO," Heng said.

Heng added that Diablo Immortal's progression and build choices are smaller than Diablo as a result it could be misleading players seeking traditional Diablo experience. "If the game had not used an IP from Diablo, the performance could have been radically different in our opinion," Heng said.

Heng added that the team from the beginning in development has always made explicit that Torchlight Infinite is strictly a RPG that uses loot to create a numerous possible designs thanks to the game's numerous systems like hero characteristics and talents, as well as skills and equipment affixes.

Mobile games offer regular updates of content. Heng said there will be regular updates to the content. Torchlight Infinite will introduce new seasonal expansions every three months. Seasons will introduce brand new gameplay mechanics, and Heng confirmed that XD features an "line of new characters" who are waiting to make it into the game's roster of characters.

Unlike previous Torchlight games in which players play as distinct characters, rather than having a general class. Torchlight Infinite for instance will include a Berserker character, but it's not the identical to the Berserker in Torchlight II. It's because this Berserker has their own distinct individual, Rehan, who has an individual story behind them and has unique characteristics that are different from the Torchlight II version of the class.

A large portion the game Torchlight Infinite is the game's skills system, which includes more than 230 common skills for every one of the six characters which can be changed with diverse support skills. This offers a massive choice of customizable options which are particularly useful when paired with Torchlight Infinite's talent system and the actual bonuses of gear equipped buy D2R ladder items. Players will be able to trade and sell their gear to one another using the concept Heng described as a "duty-free" along with a "player-made economies."

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